An irresistible adult taste sensation …

REALLY YUMMY is a delightful indulgence for adults with a decadent alcoholic infusion! 

REALLY YUMMY wears many hats, it’s a cream liqueur to be enjoyed sipped neat or over ice, it’s also a shooter that can be shot for enjoyment as opposed to as a punishment/ Or spoil yourself and use REALLY YUMMY wherever you would like to try it!



REALLY YUMMY is aimed at all consumers who have even the slightest love of the taste of peanut butter. Both females and males of all ages are targeted by the yumminess of REALLY YUMMY. Age is clearly not a determining factor when it comes to taste! REALLY YUMMY’S primary target market is young females 18-30, as a shooter. However try and stop older consumers purchasing and enjoying the decadence of REALLY YUMMY at your peril.

REALLY YUMMY has appealed to all South Africans across our many cultures and race groups, our extensive research shows REALLY YUMMY doesn’t discriminate, it’s a Taste for the Nation!